A. It is the policy of The Residential Habilitation Association to provide reimbursement for employees and volunteer board members for pre-approved travel related expenses, including transportation, hotels, and food. These expenses must be reasonable and necessary, as well as job-related, and must be pre-approved in writing by [the Executive Director/ Board of Directors].

B. The Residential Habilitation Association will only reimburse for pre-approved travel related expenses when the employee provides documentation of the expense with receipts from purchases or other verifiable documentation.

C. Employees seeking reimbursement must complete the (Travel Reimbursement Request form.) The form must be fully and accurately completed and submitted to the [Executive Director /Board of Directors.] All receipts should be scanned/attached and submitted with the form.

– Local travel will be reimbursed through petty cash in accordance with applicable petty cash policies and procedures. This includes reimbursement for transportation by taxi and/or public transportation, and, when pre-approved, use of an employee’s personal automobile. The Residential Habilitation Association will reimburse employees for the use of their personal automobile in accordance with the federally approved mileage rate for business use of personal vehicles.

– Reimbursement of meals when there is no overnight travel should be paid by the organization only when the meal has a defined business purpose. – For out-of-area travel, The Residential Habilitation Association will reimburse all pre-approved travel related actual costs, such as hotel accommodations, transportation to and from the destination, including airline, train or bus tickets, taxicab fares, meals and gratuities etc. [optional: A per diem amount limited to the federally approved per diem limits will be provided to employees for any overnight business travel.] Employees and volunteers should travel at the lowest available airfare to accommodate the purpose of the business trip.

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