How do states benefit from the HCBS waiver ?

MONEY = States, State agencies and many different types of Providers are making money that eventually goes back into the community because of the HCBS waiver.

JOBS = States, State agencies, State agency employees and many different types of Providers have jobs because of the HCBS waiver.

TAXES = everyone is paying taxes for this money state employees, all types of providers and their employees pay tax.

SAVINGS = The federal government and the individual States save money because Home and Community Based Services are cheaper than Puting people in institutions. Which is the main reason the waiver was created , to save money. Now people have choices and can live dignified lives in the communities of their choice just like anyone else. HCBS was created to provide services to people who would otherwise be in nursing homes or hospitals to receive long-term care in the community. at a less costly expense than being institutionalized.