The Residential Habilitation Association

Educating residential habilitation providers and consumers to create an efficient community inclusion and compliant service delivery system, while actively exercising their rights as entitled citizens and constituents.

Thanking all of the front-line heroes that went into the Covid-19 battle field.

The Residential Habilitation Association is here to recognize and to salute all of the fearless caretakers that care for our special needs population. During this Corona Virus  Pandemic not many people know that  you were all willingly going into Group homes Assisted living facilities into behavioral centers even knowing that some of these residents were infected with the Corona Virus.  

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What is Residential Habilitation ?

Residential Habilitation is sometimes referred to as reshab which is a combination of services and supports that are provided to people with physical or intellectual developmental disabilities. These services and supports can be provided up to 24 hours per day and 7 days per week depending on the consumers condition. The services and/or supports are customized for each individual by their waiver support coordinator that creates their individuals support plan (ISP). The purpose of residential habilitation is to ensure the consumers health, safety and welfare and to assist them in the acquisition, improvement, and retention of the skills they need to live with success in their own homes and communities.

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We shouldn’t be scared of the system, we should be the system!

CPR & First Aid

Providers and direct care staff participating in CPR & First Aid training at the Big Heart Group Home in Tampa. Thanks to the trainer Susanne Cubberley,RN and The Residential Habilitation Association for sponsoring this event.

Medication Administration

Providers and direct care staff participating in Medication Administration training at the Big Heart Group Home in Tampa. Thanks to the trainer Susanne Cubberley,RN and The Residential Habilitation Association for sponsoring this event.

Robert Merced Disability Rights Advocate The Residential Habilitation Association

(From left to right)    Robert Merced with the Mayor of Isabela Puerto Rico Charlie Delgado Altieri  and Miguel Gonzalez

Residential Habilitation Social Media
Member of the Residential Habilitation Association conversating with Mike Suarez one of the Mayoral Candidates for the city of Tampa

Mike Suarez

Residential Habilitation Association members at the NAACP Mayoral Debate in Tampa
Members of the Residential Habilitation Association participating in the Mayoral Debate in Florida
Residential habilitation Association showing support for Puerto Rico

Pray for 
Puerto Rico

Residential Habilitation Provider Training

Who should join The Residential Habilitation Association?

  • Anyone who really cares about people with disabilities and the quality of the services that they receive.
  • All Medicaid waiver providers that want to contribute or receive small business assistance or guidance.
  • All persons with disabilities and their loved ones that want to get involved in the decisions that effect their lives.
  • People that are interested in becoming providers and need assistance or guidance.
  • Other organizations interested in partnering with us to address common goals.
  • Elected officials who would like our support to achieve common goals.


Group Home Owners Want To Be More Involved!

Let's Talk About the Real Issues That Residential Habilitation Providers Are Facing !
Please join us and participate in our open mic discussions about issues that directly or indirectly affect us all as Residential Habilitation Providers. Do you have questions ? Do you have advice for other providers? Do you have any suggestions for our organization ? Then Please Join us on April 24th.

Residential Habilitation Meeting
It's us, the tax payers that are paying for Residential Habilitation services !

The money that is being made available to Residential Habilitation providers and the Medicaid waiver programs is coming from the Federal and State taxes that we pay. This money is not magically falling out of the sky, it's money that is being provided by the taxpayers that are paying for these services. For this reason, we are all entitled to have a say, when it comes to how these funds are being used. Unfortunately, very few people are getting involved and take the time to be a part of the decision making that affects us all as residential habilitation providers and consumers. As direct service providers we all have a responsibility to not only provide services to our consumers but also to genuinely care for them and advocate for their health and safety.

Robert Merced with the former Mayor of Miami Philip Levine

Philip Levine


Residential Habilitation Association


Mike Suarez
Residential Habilitation members attending a grassroots advocacy  training in Florida