The Residential Habilitation Association


Waiver Provider Directory

Are you looking for Medicaid Waiver Providers ? Find any kind of providers such as Group Homes, Adult day Training Centers, Support Employment Coaches, Waiver Support Coordinators, Behavior Analyst and more in the Waiver Provider Directory. Find health care professionals that specialize in the care of people with developmental disabilities that you can trust. Your …

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Residential Habilitation

La Asociación De Habilitación Residencial

Si usted es un proveedor de habilitación residencial los estamos  invitadando a convertirse en miembro de la Asociación de Habilitación Residencial de la Florida también conocida como por sus siglas en Inglés TRHA (The Residential Habilitation Association of Florida). La TRHA es una organización creada para abogar por los derechos de los proveedores de habilitación …

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The Residential Habilitation Association Legal Defense Fund

Legal Defense Fund

Sometimes things get a little bit beyond our legal comprehension and the best thing to do is get professional legal advice. Our defense fund is an account set up to pay for legal expenses, which can include attorneys’ fees, court filings, litigation costs, legal advice, or other legal fees for our organization and its members.

Activities of Daily Living

Activities of Daily Living 

Activities of Daily living are defined as: Eating Bathing Dressing Toileting (The ability to transfer to and from the toilet and complete personal cleaning functions) Transferring (The ability to get in and out of your bed or a chair by yourself) Continence Control (The ability to control bladder and bowel movements)


The Residential Habilitation Association of Florida Join Us

THE FOLLOWING IS A LIST OF THE MANY BENEFITS THAT WE INTEND TO OFFER MEMBERS OF THE RESIDENTIAL HABILITATION ASSOCIATION IN THE NEAR FUTURE: 1. Healthcare Coverage = Affordable if not free, Healthcare Coverage for reshab providers 2. Administrative Assistance = Help with things like paperwork and policies and procedures 3. Political representation = Lobbying …

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