Caregiver Abuse

Caregiver abuse is just one of the many consequences of agencies not being able to afford to hire good properly screened and qualified employees. Many agencies who provide services for children, adults with disabilities or seniors are struggling to find good employees that are willing to work for minimum wage. This problem is exist because many of these agencies are underfunded by the government and unable to pay a fare decent wage. Paying care givers minimum wage is just a disaster waiting to happen. Like the old saying says "you get what you pay for" this is so true especially when it comes to caregivers. When it come to my loved ones or myself, I would not want to be cared for by an unhappy caregiver who hates their job. The truth is that a lot of caregivers hate their jobs because they just don't make enough money to pay their bills or to survive. It sad that there are people working at McDonald's or Walmart that make more money than our caregivers.